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Filmmaker Justin Hannah to appear as a character in new "Papercut 2" comic book (PHOTOS)
Posted November 15, 2013

Justin Hannah isn't an actor, but he'll be playing one in a comic book this spring.

Hannah, primarily known as the filmmaker behind the award-winning "Consignment," will appear as a character in the new comic "Papercut 2: High Score." The book is written and illustrated by Kentucky filmmaker and artist Bryan Sanders. The two met in the fall of 2013 at a screening of "Consignment," and Sanders later suggested the idea of playing the character in the comic.

"Papercut 2: High Score" is an action adventure comic and a companion piece to the feature film Papercut 2, also written and directed by the multi-talented Sanders. In the comic, Hannah plays Vincent, one of five thugs who wreak havok on a small town. Each of the five villains has his own unique style and look; Vincent (second from right in the first panel below) wears a suit, loosely inspired by characters from the film Reservoir Dogs.

Filmmaker Justin Hannah to appear as a character in new "Papercut 2" comic book by Bryan Sanders

The three issue miniseries is currently in production, and will be published in early 2014.

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"Consignment" is a stylish period drama written and directed by Justin Hannah, starring Abbra Smallwood, Margaret Wuertz, Jake Gilliam and Jessica McGill, with cinematography by Lee Clements and music by Robert Casal.

Described in reviews as "an alluring, multi-layered film experience" and "a beautifully realized, thought provoking short film," the movie has drawn comparisons to Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch. "Consignment" won awards for Best Cinematography at the 2015 Blaquefyre Independent Film Festival, Best Kentucky Short at the 2014 Autumn Shorts Film Festival, Best Short Film at the 2013 World Independent Film Expo, and Most Original Film at the 2013 Floyd Film Festival.

Justin Hannah's "Consignment" is now available for instant streaming on Hulu and Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Vimeo On Demand, and IndieFlix.


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